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XRP is trading in the red today, slightly shedding some of its price gains in the last 24 hours. Although its trading volume is up by 20%, the asset is struggling to overcome the bearish pressure in the market today.

Despite the bearish phase, XRP retains its number 6 position on the crypto market list.

Price Trends In 2023

XRP traded at $0.3388 on January 1, 2023, and moved to $0.4133 on January 20. Its price fluctuated between the $0.3 and $0.4 range for most of February.

In March, XRP traded at the $0.3 price level for the first twenty days before reclaiming the $0.4 level on March 21.

However, the bulls grew restless by March 28, driving XRP to the $0.5 price level till April 3, where it returned to $0.497.

The bulls rallied again on April 4 to reclaim the $0.5 level again, till it dropped to $0.4 on April 19. XRP has remained in the $0.4 price level in May as it prepares for the next price trend.

XRP price prediction With Technical Indicators

XRP Price Prediction: $0.41353 Support Critical For A Recovery - InsideBitcoins.com (1)

XRP is in a sideways trend today as the bulls and bears battle for control of the asset’s price direction.

It has dropped below its 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), a bearish sentiment. Also, its Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 33.54 and close to the oversold region of 30.

However, the RSI is moving sideways, showing traders’ indecision in today’s market. XRP’s Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is below its signal line and showing negative values confirming the bearish trend.

However, the histogram bars are fading, a sign of a possible trend reversal. Also, XRP is still above its 200-day SMA, a long-term bullish sentiment for the asset. It will likely rally in the coming days if the bulls prevail.

XRP Support And Resistance Levels

XRP Price Prediction: $0.41353 Support Critical For A Recovery - InsideBitcoins.com (2)

XRP has found support at the $0.41353 level as it seeks to recover its price gains. However, the $0.43374 resistance level will prove critical if it enters into an uptrend.

Notably, XRP found support at the $0.41353 level in March before moving to an uptrend. It will likely repeat its historical price action in the coming weeks.

Expert Price Predictions

Experts have compiled an XRP price prediction for the short and long term based on technical indicators and network trends.

XRP Price Prediction By Bitnation

Bitnation crypto experts predict a minimum price of $0.61191, an average of $0.7649, and a maximum of $0.9179 in 2023.

Also, in 2025, the expected minimum is $1.63, the average price is $1.78, and the maximum is $1.94.

By 2030, Bitnation forecasts a minimum of $4.18, an average price of $4.33, and a maximum of $4.49.

XRP Price Prediction By Changelly

Changelly, in 2023 predicts a minimum of $0.6499, an average price of $0.6699, and a maximum of $0.7599.

By 2025, the expected minimum is $1.36, the average price is $1.41, and the maximum is $1.69. In 2030, the minimum is $7.24, the average is $7.43, and the maximum is $8.20.

XRP Price Prediction By CryptonewZ

CryptonewZ predict XRP will trade at a minimum of $0.21 and a maximum of $0.70 in 2023. Also, in 2025, the minimum expected price is $0.75, and the maximum is $1.24. In 2030, the experts predict XRP will trade modestly at a minimum price of $2.15 and a maximum of $2.64.

Factors That Affect Prices

Numerous factors combine or sometimes act independently to affect digital assets’ price actions.

1) Volatility: Crypto markets are fast-paced and volatile, which presents both profit and loss opportunities for traders. Notably, volatility affects altcoin prices in the market due to their exposure to large-cap cryptos like Bitcoin and their correlation to the top tokens.

2) Regulations: Crypto regulations seek to protect investors from scams and losses. However, severe regulatory pressure provokes reactions and affects the price of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto regulations vary from laws to an outright crypto ban which could affect the crypto market and lower prices.

3) Laws Of Supply And Demand: These laws play out in every vital economic and financial situation. If excess supply meets low demand, a price decline will likely occur. However, scarcity increases demand and will boost a token’s price as buyers scramble to accumulate. Large crypto investors like whales and institutions manipulate demand and supply to profit.

4) SEC vs. XRP Legal Battle

XRP’s ongoing legal tussle with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has hindered much of its price potential since 2020. The SEC insists that XRP tokens are securities the development team sold illegally to investors.

However, in a counter-argument, Ripple Labs have refused to accept the classification as securities leading to a prolonged legal battle.

Thankfully. a summary judgment will occur in 2023, although a win for the SEC would cause a sharp decline in XRP’s price and vice versa.

Recent Trends On The Ripple Network

Ripple Expands In The Middle East

Ripple recently expanded its reach in Dubai, opening a new office at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

Also, Ripple will host its annual customer conference, Swell Global 2023, in Dubai between November 8-9.

This expansion will create awareness for Ripple in the Middle East, increasing investors’ interest and boosting its token price.

Xrp Alternatives

SpongeBob (SPONGE)

SPONGE is a relatively new meme coin project setting the pace in the crypto market in 2023. It has a market cap of over $23 million at press time.

SPONGE is exceeding the initial price performance of popular meme coins like Dogecoin. The growing interest from investors in the project shows that it has great potential to reward early investors.

SPONGE is live on the LBank centralized exchange, a top Hong Kong-based exchange with a high trading volume. SpongeBob is hosting a meme contest to reward early investors, where 50 prizes of $100 will go to users that create the best SpongeBob memes. These community-based events continue to promote the project globally.

SPONGE tokens currently trade at $0.0005714 and will continue to rise in the coming weeks. Although it is experiencing a slight pullback due to market volatility, it has retained most of its earlier price gains.

Also, SPONGE shows more promise than most of the popular meme tokens, including PEPE, since its achieved more milestone quickly. SPONGE is an ideal investment option due to its massive liquidity. Its listing on several exchanges confirms the vote of confidence the project commands.

AiDoge (Ai

AiDoge is an Artificial Intelligence-backed meme-to-earn platform that rewards users for creating meme tokens. The platform leverages AI technology to build meme tokens, one of its numerous innovative features.

Also, AiDoge features a user-friendly interface and a top-notch user experience making it one of the top-notch AI projects in 2023.

With a simple type-in-text prompt, the platform’s generative AI algorithm creates a meme token automatically using the input query. The meme tokens come with image and text support. Also, these memes can convert to NFTs to preserve their value and yield rewards for users.

The AiDoge platform grants non-discriminatory access to every user. Also, the public wall feature enables AiDoge users to share memes and exchange ideas.

AiDoge operates a decentralized governance community, and voting is a crucial activity on the platform. Users can choose from their favorite memes on the public to earn rewards for ranking as top creators.

These rewards are Ai tokens that power the AiDoge ecosystem. Also, users receive monthly rewards with the payout based on a user’s ranking on the leaderboard.

The AiDoge presale is a success story with $5.5 million raised. Currently, each token is worth $0.000292, with a price increase to $0.0000336 predicted after listing.

AiDoge has received rave reviews from crypto experts worldwide, and its utility makes it one of the hottest prospects in 2023.

AiDoge - New Meme to Earn Crypto


XRP Price Prediction: $0.41353 Support Critical For A Recovery - InsideBitcoins.com (3)

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XRP Price Prediction: $0.41353 Support Critical For A Recovery - InsideBitcoins.com (4)

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XRP Price Prediction: $0.41353 Support Critical For A Recovery - InsideBitcoins.com (2024)


What is the realistic XRP price prediction? ›

Our real-time XRP to USD price update shows the current Ripple price as $0.428192 USD. According to our Ripple price prediction, XRP price is expected to have a -2.75% decrease and drop as low as by May 16, 2023.

Can XRP reach $500? ›

To reach $500, XRP's market cap will be worth $25.9 trillion, which would be higher than the GDP of America today. It would be incredibly impractical for XRP to reach this level.

Could XRP reach $1000? ›

If you're wanting to get an in-depth overview of the XRP and its future, you're at the right place. This article reviews this coin's prospects and what it holds in the future for the crypto market and investors. Plus, we've answered the question, "Can XRP reach $1000?" Overall, this is unlikely in the coming years.

What will happen to XRP price after lawsuit? ›

According to Coinpedia, even with the lawsuit hanging over its head, Ripple XRP will trade at an average of $20 in the next five years.

Will XRP ever reach $20? ›

Ripple is poised to play a significant role in payment solutions, which might boost the price of XRP as cryptocurrency use increases. According to Crypterium, the price of Ripple (XRP) may reach $17–$20 by the year 2030, which would be a significant increase from its current valuation of $10.

Can XRP reach $100 dollars? ›

To reach $100, XRP must climb 270 times. At $100, the market capitalization of XRP would be $5.1 trillion. If XRP rose at a 25% annual pace, it would take at least 26 years to hit $100.

Can XRP hit $250? ›

Theoretically, XRP might reach new heights in 10 years if the Ripple business performs well. Most experts agree that Ripple's price can rise to the $250 range–$3 in ten years based on current predictions.

Can XRP reach $10,000 usd? ›

Will XRP reach $10,000? In theory, it could reach a value of $10,000 in 216 years (keeping in mind the past track record of 10.13x growth in one month).

What is the price prediction for XRP 2040? ›

XRP Coin Price Prediction 2040

By 2040, we may expect an average price of $72.06 depending upon the market trend. Our maximum price prediction for XRP is $76.81 in 2040. While the minimum price level can be around $65.18.

Could XRP be the next Bitcoin? ›

Is XRP the Next Bitcoin or Ethereum? Some experts believe XRP's capabilities could put it at the same level of adoption and industry respect as the gold standard of crypto, bitcoin, and the number one alt-coin, ethereum.

What will $100 XRP be worth in 2030? ›

XRP (XRP) Price Predictions 2023 - 2031
YearMinimum PriceAverage Price
5 more rows

Can XRP be bigger than Bitcoin? ›

Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million coins, and XRP has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens. That's one reason the price of one Bitcoin is so much higher than the price of one XRP.

What will happen if XRP wins the case? ›

In particular, the regulatory body has the authority to levy a fine on Ripple Labs and demand that the business register XRP as a security. As a consequence, a judgment of this kind would certainly result in XRP being treated in the same manner as conventional securities, which may restrict both its adoption and usage.

Is XRP ever going to recover? ›

The Ripple XRP coin price is expected to hit the following milestones according to our XRP price prediction forecast. End of 2023: Recovering from its SEC issues in 2023, Ripple XRP is expected to shine and hit a high of $0.75.

Which crypto will explode in 2023? ›

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Crypto Casino with Instant Payouts and Sportsbook. In the casino space, some analysts believe that the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2023 will be Lucky Block (LBLOCK). Unlike traditional online casinos, Lucky Block cuts out the need to complete the KYC process.

Will banks use XRP? ›

Despite many challenges posed by adopting blockchain technology for international banking, XRP holds a strong position in this industry. There are many use cases for the blockchain, and it is used by many banks due to its operational benefits.

What is XRP expected to reach in 2030? ›

Changelly's recent average prediction is $12.43 by the end of 2030. Some experts believe that XRP will fall to zero by 2030.

How many people hold XRP? ›

The XRP Ledger has been functioning for more than eight years now, with more than 63 million active ledgers.

What is the highest XRP has reached? ›

The current price is $0.43 per XRP. XRP is 88.81% below the all time high of $3.84. The current circulating supply is 51,837,820,505 XRP.

How high will XRP go in 2023? ›

If Ripple (XRP) establishes itself as a good investment in 2023, this year would be favorable to the cryptocurrency. In conclusion, the bullish Ripple (XRP) price prediction for 2023 is $0.7078. Comparatively, the bearish Ripple (XRP) price prediction for 2023 is $0.3567.

Is there a chance for XRP to go up? ›

Meanwhile, our long-term XRP price prediction for 2023 is bullish since it cannot break the support level. We can expect XRP to reach $0.58 this year.

Can XRP hit $589? ›

XRP would need to surge by 154,452% from its current value of $0.3811 to $589. Numerous proponents have mentioned that this is impossible.

Will Shiba Inu ever reach $1 cent? ›

With the current circulating supply, Shiba Inu is unlikely to reach 1 cent any time soon. The overall market cap of Shiba Inu has been fluctuating around $6 billion for the last couple of weeks.

How much is $1000 XRP in USD? ›

The conversion value for 1000 XPR to 1.031 USD.

How much your $100 investment in ripple will be worth if XRP reaches $1? ›

When it reaches $1 in value, your $100 investment will be worth $262, an approximately 262% return on investment (ROI). Likewise, if you buy $1000 worth of XRP tokens today at this price, you will have 2620.5 XRP tokens.

What is a realistic XRP price prediction 2023? ›

XRP's price prediction is possible by analyzing historical price action, current developments and social sentiment from the community. XRP price prediction 2023: XRP's price for 2023 according to our analysis should range between $0.39 to $0.59 and the average price of XRP should be around $0.49.

Can ripple XRP reach $50 if yes by around what time? ›

There are several factors on which one can make an assumption regarding whether ripple will reach the price of $50 or not. However, in general terms, it's highly unlikely for Ripple to reach this level because its market cap isn't that high, and isn't likely to reach higher levels in the next five years.

What will Shiba Inu be worth in 2040? ›

As per our Shiba inu coin price prediction/Forecast, their prices can hit a new target level in 2040 due to massive token burning. Before 2040 the Shiba inu team might burn half of its token supply. By 2040, we may expect an average price of $0.20 if current growth continues.

Is XRP a good long term investment? ›

If the court rules in Ripple's favor, XRP's value could skyrocket. However, a ruling against it could send XRP to zero. Given the nature of the risk involved, long-term investors should avoid XRP.

Will XRP explode in 2023? ›

There are different predictions for the price of XRP in 2023. Price Prediction platform predicts that XRP could reach as high as $0.61 by 2023.

How much will XRP cost in 10 years? ›

How much will Ripple be worth in 10 years? If you invest in Ripple today, as with any investment, a long term increase is expected. The price of XRP could possibly rise to $5.41 within the next 10 years.

What will be the future price of XRP in 2050? ›

By the end of 2050, XRP might be worth anywhere from $218.45 to $235.13 on average. Many other cryptocurrencies can potentially surpass XRP's record high this year. Our price forecast for XRP could significantly increase if there is a bull movement in 2050.

Should I buy XRP now? ›

If based on your own research, you think XRP presents a good risk-reward at current prices and as likely to rise substantially in price in the current years, it is probably worth buying some. That's regardless of the token's recent performance. If you don't deem XRP as presenting a good risk-reward, then stay away.

Why not to invest in Ripple? ›

Top 2 Reasons Not to Buy Ripple (XRP)

There are many reasons why you may choose not to buy Ripple in 2023. It could be the tight monetary policy of the Fed, negative crypto market conditions, or that the price may still fall, according to some forecasts.

What is a realistic price prediction for XRP in 2030? ›

Changelly's recent average prediction is $12.43 by the end of 2030. Some experts believe that XRP will fall to zero by 2030. It's smart to never risk more than you are willing to lose in any investment, and especially in volatile assets like cryptocurrency.

How much will $100 XRP be worth in 2025? ›

XRP (XRP) Price Predictions 2023 - 2031
YearMinimum PriceAverage Price
5 more rows

What is a realistic XRP price prediction for 2040? ›

XRP Coin Price Prediction 2040

By 2040, we may expect an average price of $72.06 depending upon the market trend. Our maximum price prediction for XRP is $76.81 in 2040. While the minimum price level can be around $65.18.


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